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Powerful Testimony

The retreat is changing peoples lives.  

When asked what things were most meaningful for them:

"The care and compassion of the entire team. Within hours I felt a bond that whatever I shared would be treated with confidentiality and respect. The process of getting through the steps of healing was gut wrenching at times but all the scriptures put a lot of that in clarity and understanding in the healing process. I thought the retreat was done in a professional manner."

". . . The staff taught me how to ground myself in an 'emergency' (on short notice) and were 100% supportive when my body needed to release traumatic tension . . . I was able to feel my distress and other emotions safely"

"The living scriptures and the group rituals/exercises"

"The deep sharing of the people at the retreat. The love and care that was shown to all of us as we walked the journey. Like the friends bringing the paralytic to Jesus" 

When asked to share their overall impression of the retreat:

"Fabulous. It incarnated sound neuropsychology into effective Christ-centered healing rituals . . . The retreat's progression responsibly put me in the appropriate emotional/mental state to enter into each new exercise and be drawn deeper into the refining furnace of Christ's love"

"It was organized in a way that allowed for healing in a gentle and compassionate way"

"Excellent - a very safe place to empty the septic tank of stored up crap of years & years of abuse . . . Good support with other people on the retreat"

"This retreat is excellent & beneficial.  The work that goes into making this experience seamless for the participants is massive. I'm so impressed with the team and the love they shared with all of us"